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The Eternal Unknown

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We were only back from our honeymoon for two days before our world was flipped upside down. This expat lifestyle has a way of doing that to you.

Life hadn’t been “normal” for quite some time because we were so busy getting ready for our wedding. For months we found ourself saying “after the wedding” this and that. Life would be normal again “after the wedding.” We would have more money. More time to spend with friends and doing things we enjoy.

On Tuesday of Dave’s first week back in the office he found out he was going to start taking more business trips… and he left for his first one that Saturday. That trip was just a week. The next one was 2 weeks. And finally the rotation began — three weeks in the UK, one week in Houston. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

During the first rotation I filled my time visiting family and friends in Dallas, and I even made a trip to Florida to see my friend Joni. I did everything I could to avoid being home alone in an empty apartment. I had only stayed in Houston a handful of times in the two months prior and once I returned, things felt far from the promised normal.

During Dave’s time away we were hearing a lot of buzz about what our future had in store for us. None of it was concrete and it always seemed to be changing. First we thought Dave might lose his job, which fortunately did not happen. Then we heard we might move at the end of the year. And then all of the sudden we might move in 3 month’s time and to a completely unexpected, much less exciting location! It has all been very overwhelming and anxiety inducing.

In this industry it’s hard to know exactly what the next step is until you’re making it. For people that like to plan, like Dave and I, it can be really difficult to just let go and trust the expat process. While neither one of us are experts at this yet, we can definitely say that this time of change has been the most drawn out and frustrating one yet!


  1. The only thing you can expect from the oil patch is change. It changes constantly – monthly, weekly, daily. Experienced the same thing you guys are going through in 2000 when I first started expat life. Best wishes in the new adventure.

    Oh by the way – oil unfortuantely isn’t found in glamorous locations, so be prepared for less exciting options. Hope all goes well.

    1. Author

      There are a lot of pros to this life, but it definitely comes with its challenges. I think the nice thing is that we are both pretty open minded and easy going so hopefully we will be quick to adapt to whatever gets thrown at us.

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