mobilization to kazakhstan

Our Mobilization to Kazakhstan

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In my last post, I left you all in suspense over my visa dilemma. It was really wreaking havoc on our mobilization to Kazakhstan! I’m happy to say that after 6 long weeks, the very nice people in Kazakhstan issued me the proper visa to enter the country. It was extremely stressful at the time because we had absolutely no idea how long the delay would last. It really all worked out pretty perfectly in the end and was a blessing in disguise. The audit Dave had been working on in Farnborough (U.K.) was just coming to an end by the time I got my visa.

It was so wonderful to get to spend an extra six weeks with my friends and family in Texas. I really got to spend so much more quality time with everyone and our move (at least for me) seemed so much less abrupt. Even though my loved ones in Texas mean the world to me, I must admit that I was itching to get to Kazakhstan. With Dave traveling so much, we were both looking forward to finally being able to live together! Settling in somewhere and starting a new adventure was exactly what we both wanted.

My mobilization to Kazakhstan from Texas was a long journey! Dallas > Atlanta > Amsterdam > Atyrau.  Luckily, I was able to check my bags all the way through in Dallas. I didn’t have to worry about them again until we got to Atyrau. AND I was able to check my 3rd bag for free! That was a big win!

Unfortunately, my flight was late into Amsterdam so my hour layover turned into a mad dash to the gate. Dave’s flew into Amsterdam the night before. He got to the airport with plenty of time to find my gate and wait for me with a small luggage cart. That made everything soooo much easier! Carry-on bags when you’re moving are heavy, y’all! Like “Airline People, please do not weigh this” heavy!

Never in my life have I ever been so late for a flight that they didn’t even scan our boarding passes… or look at them. But hey, I guess Air Astana didn’t mind. All they knew is that we were dashing towards the gate and they asked us if we were us and indeed we are.

mobilization to KazakhstanOnce in Atyrau, we made our way through immigration and sat at the baggage carousel waiting for our luggage. Dave’s came first and mine was taking forever! Then they stopped the belt. The short connection in Amsterdam held up my bags.

Once we realized my bags weren’t coming, we got in line for customs. The agents wanted to have a look through one of Dave’s bag. We watched the agent in amusement as he thoroughly inspecting a package of feminine products. The look on his face when he realized what they were was priceless. Not long after that he decided our bag was fine and we were allowed to go through.
After making it through customs and immigration we met up with one of Dave’s supervisors and Dave had to file a claim with the airline to help them location my missing bags. Turns out it was almost a good thing that my bags didn’t show up because the SUV that we were picked up in would not have fit all 5 of our large suitcases and our 5 carry-on bags.

Even though the mobilization to Kazakhstan was a rough one, we are so happy to be here and can’t wait to see what this adventure has in store for us!


  1. Hi Megan,
    My name is Mari and we could possible be moving to Kazakhstan soon and I was just researching in preparation. Are you ask still living there? I found your blog on a Google search of expats. Any insight or overall impressions? Opportunities? We would appreciate your feedback.
    Thanks from one native Texan to another!

    1. Author

      Hi, Mari! Yes, we are still living in Kazakhstan. Our one year anniversary of living here is actually coming up this month. Will you be living in Atyrau? We are really enjoying our time here. It took me a few months to get settled, but now that I have my bearings I find it much easier. And winter wasn’t as scary as I was anticipating, which is good!

  2. Hi Meagan,

    Thank you for your posts! It is very interesting to read about your adventures.

    In the next months I am moving to Atyrau together with my husband. Reading that you are happy there makes me feel good and hopeful. I was living in Europe for 18 years and just can not really imagine moving to Kazakhstan. Looking forward to meet with all expats and maybe see you at one of the events! Can you tell more about the daily life and daily activities? I am leaving a full-time management job and trying to imagine life in Atyrau.

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